Many people prefer the ruggedness and the quality at a lower price that Timex watches offer the consumer. In today’s market there are so many different ones to choose from it can be confusing at times when it comes to picking the one that best suits you. Here are a few of these watches that come highly recommended by those who have bought them. They all seem to be very nicely made and are good quality watches.

The Timex Full Size T5K575 Ironman Run Trainer GPS HRM Watch is one of those Timex watches that is especially designed for the runner. This watch is nicely made and has a digital heart rate monitor that gives the needed performance measurements any runner wants to be able to reach their goals.

The Timex Full Size T5K639 Marathon GPS Watch is an entry level type of watch and is GPS powered. This is the perfect watch for someone who is a runner or an outdoor enthusiast that is on a budget and is looking for a watch that is a no frills type of training watch.

The Timex Full Size T5K638 Marathon GPS Watch is another entry level watch with runners in mind and those who love to stay fit but are looking for a durable watch that doesn’t have a bunch of bells and whistles and gives them just what they want for their running needs. It works really well, is very lightweight and extremely easy to use.

The Timex Full Size T5K549 Ironman Run Trainer GPS Watch is another training watch that will help the runner reach their potential this one too has a digital heart monitor and other performance measurements runners would be interested in. It is a very good watch for the high mileage runner and is extremely accurate in tracking performance of the runner.

The Timex Global Trainer Speed and Distance GPS Watch this is one of the Timex watches that includes Timex Bodylink Speed, Distance, Pace and Navigation functions on it. It has a customizable display that gives you up to four screen views. It also has performance and multi-sport modes for both training and events. It works very nicely and is easy to learn to use.

The Timex Men’s T5E231 Ironman Traditional 100 Lap Silver Tone/Black Resin Strap Watch is a very stylish men’s watch and has a 100 Lap multi-function and is a performance sports digital watch that has a nice dark gray resin ring on the top that sits on a metallic silver tone casing and also has a top pusher that makes it easy to access both split and lap times for a runner. It also includes a stopwatch for those in training along with different timers and alarms.

The Timex Women’s T5K698 Marathon GPS Speed & Distance Pink Resin Strap Watch is a great watch for women who are runners and is quite affordable training tool for those who love to run or walk and want speed and distance recorded on their wrist during their workouts. It is very easy to read while running or walking as well.

The Timex Women’s T5K459 1440 Sports Digital Silver/Translucent Purple Resin Strap Watch is a great sports watch that is mid-sized and it offers a nice digital dial that has a 24 hour chronograph, a 24 hour countdown timer along with a daily alarm and a stopwatch. This watch looks nice, is quite functional and is also waterproof so it’s great for any outdoor activities that involve water.

The Timex Women’s T5K020 Ironman Traditional 30 Lap Pink/Gray Resin Strap Watch is a very lightweight and comfortable watch to wear and is designed for women who love to run especially in races. It keeps really good time, looks and feels good on and is very comfortable. It is also extremely easy to read and has a nice Indigo light for reading in the dark.

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